Jacob Dyer and Lucy Wright secure convictions across the board against remaining defendants in “Operation Finglas” tachograph case

Jacob Dyer and Lucy Wright have secured convictions on all counts against the remaining 3 defendants in Operation Finglas following a 5 week trial at Preston Crown Court.

Following a complex operation, involving an investigation by the DVSA and a joint DVSA/ CPS prosecution, charges of conspiracy to falsify tachograph records and transferring criminal property were brought against the defendants, who had been involved in the development, production, sale and fitting of tachograph interrupter devices.

The court heard complex evidence as to the operation of digital tachographs and the sophisticated methods developed by the defendants to manipulate the recordings and conceal what they had done. These methods involved the back-engineering of circuit boards, the development of “daughter boards” to be fitted within the tachograph sender units and a machine to reseal the units to avoid detection. Hundreds of these daughter boards were produced over the period of the conspiracies.

The defences advanced by the defendants, namely that they were unaware of what they were producing or unaware that such devices were to be used within the EU were rejected.

In returning guilty verdicts the jury agreed that these devices were destined to be used in vehicles on roads within the EU in order that operators could gain a significant commercial advantage through by-passing the Drivers’ Hours Regulations. Sentence has been adjourned to the end of May.