Anthony was called to the bar in 2016 and joined chambers shortly afterwards. Prior to that Anthony had practised as a solicitor in criminal law since 2010.

Since joining chambers Anthony has worked hard to build a busy defence practice and is frequently instructed by firms in the North West. He has experience in a wide range of criminal cases including serious violence and large scale drug offences. Anthony is also a Level 1 prosecutor and prosecutes cases for local authorities and trading standards.  

Anthony is a hardworking advocate who takes a proactive approach during the preparation stage of cases. He places a great deal of emphasis on client care and meeting the expectations of the client.

Notable Cases

Court of Appeal

R v H – Successful appeal against the making of a deprivation order that related to a vehicle used in a serious case of dangerous driving. The Court agreed the making of the order was disproportionate to the offence.  

R v M – Appeal against sentence imposed for an offence of child cruelty following serious injury being inflicted upon an 8 week old child. The case in the Crown Court involved expert medical evidence during a trial of issue. The sentence was reduced by almost half on appeal.


R v H – Operation Spoonbill. Anthony was instructed to defend in a multi-handed trial that lasted 2 months at Teeside Crown Court. The case involved a nationwide conspiracy to supply cocaine valued in excess of £10million. The case was reported in the national press due to the quantity of drugs involved and the way they were being imported into the UK via helicopter. The defendant was acquitted by the jury.

R v F – Operation Jennet. Anthony was instructed to represent a defendant in this large-scale conspiracy to supply Class A drugs on the Fylde Coast. Following discussions with the prosecution the defendant pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply a Class B drug.

R v S – Anthony was instructed to defend in a case involving the street level supply of Class A & B drugs on the streets of Preston. The defendant was acquitted by the jury following a 3 day trial.


R v H – Anthony was instructed to represent one of the defendants during a 6 week trial for conspiracy to kidnap and blackmail. The case involved expert cell site analysis and the review of significant quantities of mobile telephone data.

R v S – Instructed to represent a defendant for an offence of home invasion robbery that lasted several hours. Weapons were used to inflict serious injuries upon the victim whilst personal belongings were stolen from his home.

R v R – Anthony was instructed to represent one of two defendants charged with attempted possession of a firearm. The case related to the ordering of a Glock handgun along with ammunition and a silence from America. The package was intercepted in transit and a sting operation put in place. The defendant pleaded guilty to assisting or encouraging the commission of an offence.

Sexual Offences

R v H – Anthony represented a man charged alongside his wife with serious sexual offences alleged to have been committed against their daughter. The trial which lasted over a week required detailed consideration of third party material disclosed by the prosecution. Both defendants were acquitted by the jury.

R v S – Successfully defended in a case involving a man alleged to have committed sexual offences against a young family member. The case involved the review of telephone data from the defendant’s mobile telephone which undermined large parts of the prosecution case.

R v N – Anthony was instructed to represent a defendant who had admitted to having sexual activity with a girl who was aged 14 at the time. The defendant pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a term of imprisonment. The case was initially listed for reference by the Attorney General but the application was later withdrawn.

General Crime

R v L – Anthony was instructed to represent the driver of a vehicle who was involved in a fatal road traffic accident. The defendant did not stop at the scene of the accident and was subsequently charged with perverting the course of public justice relating to events following the accident. The jury were not able to reach a decision at the original trial or the re-trial. The prosecution thereafter offered no evidence.

R v R – Anthony represented a man who pleaded guilty to fraud by false representation. The case attracted significant interest from the national press due to the defendant meeting female partners on dating websites before convincing them that he was a serving member of an elite branch of the special forces. The defendant thereafter persuaded his new partners to transfer large amounts of their savings to him in order to pay for body armor and other military supplies.    

Previous Experience

Admitted as a Solicitor 2010

Areas of Expertise

Criminal Law

Areas of Practice