Since 1980, I have engaged predominantly in prosecution work. I also have a defence practice. The current split is 70/30 in favour of prosecution. Also I have extensive experience in prosecuting for Lancashire and Cumbria County Councils in respect of consumer & trade description offences. I have been a level 4 prosecutor since 1992. Whilst I have a wide spectrum of cases, I have specialised in sexual offences since about 1985. This has involved all types of cases, being either historical family offending, single or multiple complainant (up to 8), stranger rapes, internet offending, images, grooming complainants, offending where the parties are known to one another, and multiple Defendant offending.

I am regularly involved in the highest profile cases within the Lancashire area. I have been involved in multi agency cases. I have prosecuted some of the youngest Defendants in the Country ‐ an 11 year old in 2005 for aiding and abetting a 14 year old sexual offender. I prosecuted one of the first GHB cases in the country in 1999. I have prosecuted all types of cases of the utmost gravity resulting in life sentences.

I have wide experience in cases involving death by dangerous driving. I am familiar in dealing with witnesses from all backgrounds of all ages, sometimes different nationalities, in a couple of instances, deaf and dumb complainants. I am experienced in implementing and using special measures.

I am experienced in section 41 applications, bad character applications, mutually supportive counts, abuse of process arguments and submissions of no case to answer.

I have engaged in trials of all lengths. I am experienced in working with a junior.

I have regularly appeared in the Court of Appeal, on behalf of the Crown and for the Defence in appeals against conviction and sentence.

I have also appeared in the Divisonal Court regarding appeals by way of case stated. I have been involved in numerous Attorney General’s references until they were taken over by Treasury Counsel.

Specialist in firearms and shotgun cases, including appeals against refusal to grant or revocation of existing licences. Regularly involved in Training.

I have been involved with all types of expert evidence.

  • Forensic scientists involving blood, semen, DNA, alcohol consumption, back calculation, effect of drugs, toxicology.
  • Medical witnesses ‐ examination re sexual offences, physical harm.
  • Examination re disability, physical and mental.
  • Post mortem evidence ‐ including complex issues of causation.
  • Psychiatric evidence ‐ fitness to plead, false memory syndrome, sentencing considerations.
  • Road Traffic Accident ‐ reconstruction.

Notable Cases

Successfully prosecuted to conviction at Preston Crown Court a father charged with sexually assaulting his own daughter age 4 years. He was sentenced to a total of 6½ years’ imprisonment, with an extended licence term of 4 years. His partner, the child’s mother, was also sentenced to a suspended sentence for offences of cruelty;

Successfully prosecuted to conviction at Preston Crown Court a father charged with raping his adult daughter who had been adopted soon after birth, but with whom he had been reunited many years later and whom he had sexually assaulted. He was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment;

Richard Haworth successfully prosecuted at Preston Crown Court a stepfather charged with raping his stepdaughter over a period of 3 years. The Defendant was sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment in January 2013;

Successfully resisted conviction and sentence appeals in the Court of Appeal in the “Flycatcher” series of police operations in Preston and the Fylde. The conviction appeal of Brian Tomney involved late amendment to the Indictment. Leave had been granted to amend and the decision was upheld:

R v Tomney ‐ An appeal against conviction and sentence. Of interest are the sentence appeals. The prosecution case in a nutshell was that they targeted elderly vulnerable people, in particular women, often living alone, and then offered to carry out work to their driveways which was of little or no value for extortionate amounts of money. Remedial work was often required or they invented more work mid job and would offer to undertake this at additional cost. The appeals were dismissed and the sentences of all Defendant were upheld.

Hallet LJ observed: “One wonders if any of the appellants have the slightest idea of the effect upon an elderly person of being cheated in this way, sometimes of their entire life savings. Once the elderly person realises what happens, even if they are suffering from dementia, it can be humiliating for them. It can destroy their sense of dignity and their confidence. It can often lead to a significant deterioration in their mental health. Those who prey on the elderly and the vulnerable can expect little mercy from this court.”

Successfully prosecuted to conviction at Preston Crown Court in January 2013 a dentist charged with attempting to meet a child under the age of 16 years after sexual grooming over the internet. Sentence is to take place later in February 2013


CPS Level 4 Prosecutor,Rape Specialist


LLB. Leeds (Hons)

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